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Let's change the world together.

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Take positive actions each day

Our free mobile app gives you actions to do each day to promote progressive causes. We keep track of your activism and show you the impact you have made!

Our platform

Mobile Apps

Our free iPhone, Android and Windows phone apps make it easy to take actions to promote the causes you care about. You can take action while you are at home, a coffee shop or on the bus or train.


Web Site
(coming soon)

Take action and make a positive difference from your desktop, laptop or on the go with your mobile browser. Our activists web site, which is coming soon, will allow you to do everything you can from our mobile app.

Progressive NGO Directory

We have a directory of local, state and national progressive NGOs to make it easy for you to find organizations for which to connect.

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Our causes include:

Animal Rights
First Amendment Rights
Health Care
Indigenous People's Rights
Income Inequality
LGBTQ Rights
Peace and Security
Women's Issues

Download our free app and start making change

Download our Android App from Goople Play Store or download our iPhone app from the Apple App Store.

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How it works

We give you actions to do each day

These actions can be done via your mobile phone and related to our seven primary causes. The actions will include signing petitions, emailing representatives and calling public officials.

You can do them anywhere, in just minutes

Do them on the bus or train on your commute, while you are in the line at a coffee shop or from your sofa in the evening. You can do them anywhere you have a few spare moments and your mobile phone.

You can track the impact you have made

We will keep track of the actions you made, and then report to you on how those actions have influenced the causes you care about

Together we can change the world

When we all take small actions each day, they add up and together we will bring positive change to the world.